by Kevin Weir 

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I think staying curious is the only thing—never being satisfied with the stuff you already know you like, always finding new stuff to get into. Then you’re always young with respect to the stuff you’re reading, listening to, watching, doing.
Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I wish I had a man’s urethra. Yeah right, Sigmund, who cares about a penis?

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Of course I’m not finished with my thesis yet, what stuff have I ever got done within the time it should have been done ? No more than my prenatal development. And my A levels probably.
Me, being realistic in e-mail conversations with my mother
FKA twigs Kicks
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On Sunday I got an e-mail from tumblr informing me that they’ve 

"received a notification of alleged copyright infringement on one of [my] blogs, sent to [them] by Jeremy Banks (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)."

The link beneath to this alleged copyright infringement post was broken so I couldn’t trace back which post this concerned. (All I could tell is that it must have been a music file obviously.)
I was a bit confused by this message but also stupid enough to not care more about it because I just don’t post music I don’t own. (Oh silly.)

Anyways, today I got another e-mail – the FINAL WARNING – which reads like this:

due to repeated uncontested notifications of copyright infringement against one or more of [my] blogs, [my] Tumblr account is one more uncontested notice away from termination.”

This one didn’t even try to make it clear which post they are actually talking about and I’m panicking a bit, because DUDES, DON’T DO THIS TO ME!

So now I’m trying to make clear that this shit is very much not correct. And I also am not able to find a single e-mail address that would allow me to turn towards some human tumblr-employee whose name is not “No Reply”. This is freaking me out and I don’t know if it really should. Ah! 

Any words?

Illustration to A Week of Kindness by Max Ernst
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Illustration to A Week of Kindness by Max Ernst

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show without showing what you
know without knowing